Vietnam emerges as an important barley market

VIETNAM is emerging as a valuable market for Australian feed barley, buying over double the amount of Australian product this marketing year compared to the previous year. So far, according to US Department of Agriculture data Australia is on track to export 500,000 tonnes of barley to Vietnam for the 2020-21 marketing year, up from 200,000 the previous year.

And demand has been going gangbusters since last harvest’s crop was available in December last year, with Australian Bureau of Statistics data showing over 50,000 tonnes of barley has left Aussie shores for Vietnam each month since December up until the most recent figures from April. Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre barley markets manager Mary Raynes said while the increased trade with Vietnam was not enough to make up for the loss of the Chinese market it was a positive development.

Ms Raynes said Vietnam was likely to continue to emerge to be a significant buyer of feed grain, with a large pork industry and a growing dairy market. “Vietnam is the world’s fifth largest producer of pork and their pig herd is up to 85 per cent of what is was before African Swine Fever hit, with 26 million pigs, producing 3.6 million tonnes of pork a year,” Ms Raynes said.

Ms Raynes also said the dairy herd was growing and would provide another opportunity for Australia.

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