Revolutionising the beer and hospitality industry with tube-in-tube cooling technology

With beer being the UK’s most popular alcoholic drink, sales could help the hospitality industry bounce back after COVID-19. So, it’s no wonder pub and restaurant owners are seeking innovative ways to ensure this beverage is perfectly conditioned, whatever the physical challenges of their venue. Here, Phil Lacey, UK Specialty Sales Director at RWC, discusses how its pioneering innovation, John Guest PolarClean, can help improve beer and business performance.

We British love our beer. According to reports it’s the country’s most popular alcoholic tipple, with over 8 billion pints sold in 2018. Over recent years, there’s also been a real surge in interest, with craft beers and micro-breweries adding new products to the mix.

Companies House records show that since 2008, the number of businesses registered as beer manufacturers has increased almost ten-fold. Beer drinkers are also getting more demanding, with a report by AB InBev finding that 34% of customers would change venues if the beer didn’t come up to scratch.

Here lies the challenge. Quite simply, beer isn’t easy to get right. It needs conditioning in order to be kept and served at the right temperature. The equipment also demands regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent bacterial build-up, which can affect product quality and even be dangerous.

With evidence suggesting that on average, pubs waste up to 20 pints a week because of factors such as these, it’s clear there are challenges. Beer also has a finite life, as we know from the scenes of pubs throwing away beer during lockdown, with landlords suffering great losses.

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