Keg-less: Guinness reclaims lost pints with ‘MicroDraught’ dispense solution

Guinness has spent the best part of two years developing the ‘Guinness MicroDraught’

Anyone who likes a Guinness knows it’s all about the serve. There’s even an Instagram account with the sole aim of pointing shame at badly-poured pints, while another account ‘beautifulpints’ documents expert pours. Only you need a specific Guinness keg in order to do so.

With the knowledge this prevents a lot of establishments from stocking its beer, Guinness has spent two years developing a crafty ‘MicroDraught’. Billed as the biggest technological innovation since the widget in 1988, it can be used in lieu of a traditional keg.

“We see this as the ability to bring the Guinness draft to places and spaces that we haven’t been able to reach around the world because of the complexity required to deliver pints, in terms of kegs, setup and gas lines,” explains Grainne Wafer, global brand director, Guinness at Diageo.

“Our ambition for this is really significant. We believe this is a world-first and it allows us in terms of our global journey to extend out to markets where we weren’t able to bring Guinness draft before.”

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