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Your beer supply will be affected by climate change. Carlsberg and Heineken are taking steps

Beer will become increasingly expensive and could be in short supply by the end of the century because of climate change, experts say. Increased droughts and extreme heat waves are threatening crops of barley, the grain typically used in beer, and also water, which makes up to 95% of an average beer. Brewers are responding by improving their sustainability credentials. Here are

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Heineken Mexico vaccinates its employees and the general public against covid-19

The Heineken México brewery became this Thursday the first large company in the country that collaborates in the vaccination against covid-19 by immunizing its employees and the general public at its headquarters, in the northern city of Monterrey. Heineken, which in Mexico has seven beer-producing plants and a malt with 16,000 employees, began with the vaccination of its workers, families,

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Keg-less: Guinness reclaims lost pints with ‘MicroDraught’ dispense solution

Guinness has spent the best part of two years developing the ‘Guinness MicroDraught’ Anyone who likes a Guinness knows it’s all about the serve. There’s even an Instagram account with the sole aim of pointing shame at badly-poured pints, while another account ‘beautifulpints’ documents expert pours. Only you need a specific Guinness keg in order to do so. With the knowledge this

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