How this paper-based packaging company’s circular business model is building a sustainable future

From forest fires in the Amazon and Australia to Antarctica’s melting polar ice caps and plastic-filled oceans, there is no doubt that climate change is very real. Sustainability is the existential challenge of our time, and it’s firmly rooted at the heart of the global business agenda. Companies are now being held accountable with businesses causing the biggest drain on the world’s non-renewable resources and producing a disproportionate share of their emissions. Social awareness has hardened into an urgent call for businesses to act by reducing waste and carbon emissions. 

The most progressive companies recognize with challenge comes opportunity. Adopting a more sustainable approach to business helps eliminate waste, open up new business opportunities, reduce regulatory risk, and attract funding from ESG focused investors.

According to a research study commissioned by Smurfit Kappa and conducted by Longitude, most companies recognize the importance of sustainability in creating value. About three-quarters (72%) see it as a lasting trend, and 83% acknowledge the opportunity of that trend, describing sustainability as a valuable business opportunity. Businesses are responding by turning to environmental, social, and governance measures, which are reshaping organizations from the inside out. 

A case in point is Smurfit Kappa, a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions. 

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