Hard seltzer consumption slows as consumers head back to bars

Hard seltzer consumption is slowing as consumers head back to bars and restaurants during the COVID recovery, but that downturn should be temporary, UBS data shows. Hard seltzers, fizzy alcoholic beverages that have taken off with consumers looking for a lighter alternative to beer, wine and spirits, are still relatively new to the market. Many consumers had yet to become loyal fans before the pandemic upended life around the globe. With that in mind, analysts think there’s still plenty of room for the category to grow.

“We believe the decline in regular consumers is driven by the gradual reopening
of on-premise channels where hard seltzer is currently under-indexed vs. beer, wines and spirits. The impact of this channel shift may prove somewhat transitory as respondents in late May were eager to return to their pre-COVID behaviors/channels where hard seltzer has yet to establish a foothold,” analysts wrote.

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