Carlsberg pays tribute to fans

CARLSBERG MALAYSIA unveils limited-edition CHEERS TO FOOTBALL packaging in its third CELEBRATE theme series, tribute to football fans who bring the sport to life with passion and soul!

For a limited time only, Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Smooth Draught cans and bottles comes in collectible football-themed packaging coined “By Appointment To The Football Fans of Malaysia”. The campaign pays homage to Carlsberg’s longstanding support of football and appreciation towards football fans as they put their club allegiances aside, uniting to be the biggest football family in the world!

In addition to its CHEERS TO FOOTBALL packaging to laud passionate football fans of Malaysia, Carlsberg will be rewarding consumers with limited-edition Carlsberg football jerseys, football tees, RM200 Touch ‘n Go eWallet credit; including a chance to take home the

Grand Prize of RM10,000 cash to 30 lucky winners! Enjoy football matches at home over a cold beer and check out Carlsberg’s ongoing promotion running from June onwards at participating retailers.

Caroline Moreau, Marketing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said: “The football sport brings families, friends, colleagues and communities together as they cheer for their teams. Carlsberg focuses in bringing unique experiences to beer lovers and fans alike while watching the game with their mates together or apart. Carlsberg has been supporting football fans across the globe to celebrate the unity and passion that brings us together, the same over the love for great beers.”

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