Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry discloses volume of harvested grains

Some 337,600 tons of grains have already been harvested from 115,512 hectares in Azerbaijan, Vugar Huseynov, head of the public relations and information support department of the Ministry of Agriculture told Trend on June 8.

“Presently, the average yield for cereals is 29.2 centners per hectare. Grain is mainly harvested in small areas in Shamakhi, Jalilabad, and Goychay. The average yield for barley is 29.4 centners per hectare,” Huseynov said.

“Harvesting of barley will be completed at an optimal period of time, and wheat harvesting will begin in low-lying districts of Azerbaijan in the second decade of June,” he noted.

According to the ministry’s representative, in the Bilasuvar district harvesting of barley has been already completed from 10,900 hectares, and the average yield made up 30.8 centners per hectare.

Huseynov added that currently 81 harvesters are being used for grain harvesting in the Bilasuvar district.

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