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Farming for Craft: New Barley & Malt Varieties Respond to Brewer Demand

Dan Carey, brewmaster and cofounder of Wisconsin’s New Glarus Brewing, doesn’t like recipes that simply call for “pale malt” without specificity. Nor does he like it when people describe base malt as “a blank canvas.” American craft beer came of age when the barley varieties available were bred for the big brewers. They emphasized mash efficiency and enzymatic power for

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Push to boost demand for Australian barley in Vietnam

VIETNAMESE grain customers are showing strong interest in using more clean, green and nutritious Australian barley in animal feed rations. The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) recently hosted two separate technical webinars for Vietnam’s feed industry – focusing on pigs and dairy – as part of an ongoing campaign that started in 2016 to stimulate demand for Aussie feed

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