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From planting to malt preparation, local companies work to reduce CO2 in producing your favorite brew

A local farm and malting company are teaming up to reduce greenhouse gasses in the production of the nation’s popular alcoholic beverage. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, agriculture produces 10 percent of the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers at Perry Farms and malt masters at Epiphany Craft Malt are working to bring that number down. They are altering their

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A Better Brew: Drinking Beer Sustainably

Let’s look into the sustainability of our beer. At least 5,000 years old, beer is the fourth most popular beverage in the world. We need to reduce the environmental impact of beer-making to prevent climate change, which threaten to make beer taste bad by making some ingredients less widely available. Adult Americans drink, on average, about 28 gallons of beer each year. Clearly, we treasure our beer,

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