The Hard Seltzer Masters 2021 results

In December 2020, leading alcohol e-commerce platform Drizly forecast that hard seltzers would gain greater shelf space in the US in 2021. In October last year, The Drizly 2020 Bevalc Retail Report spoke to more than 500 adults who managed or owned independent alcohol stores, including retailers both on and off the Drizly platform. According to the survey, 64% of respondents said they were planning to make space for more hard seltzers, a category that has stolen the hearts and minds of US imbibers.

Over the past year, the hard seltzer trend has slowly been expanding overseas. Leading hard seltzer brand White Claw launched in the UK and Australia in 2020, while celebrity names such as rapper Travis Scott and chef Gordon Ramsay also claimed their stake in the sector.

Global brands have also been keen to stay ahead of the trend by bringing their own takes on the alcoholic sparkling water to market. Among the brands that have recently brought out their own iterations are: Smirnoff, Loch Lomond, Moskovskaya, Hornitos Tequila, Jose Cuervo, East London Liquor Company and Brewdog Distilling.

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