Lockdown effect: Beer sales drop by 50% in Karnataka

Sale of beer slumped to 50% than usual due to coronavirus induced lockdown in the state. In Karnataka there are 10,410 liquor selling outlets which include clubs, hotels and resorts, bar and restaurants and MSIL outlets.

During usual time, 70,000 boxes of beer used to get sold. The excise department was earning an income of Rs 10 crore from the sale. Now only 25,000-30,000 boxes are being sold.

The demand for beer increases during summer. The owners of liquor outlets had kept more stock of beer by investing more capital. However, factors like lockdown, permission to sell liquor through parcel facility, and people suffering from cold are not eager to have beer and the approaching monsoon has badly affected the sale of beer.

According to officials of excise department Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) has more demand than beer.

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