The science of beer foam from Guiness cans

The beer foam it is one of the most important elements to evaluate the quality of this drink. It is true that there are quite good ones, with just a small white blanket on their surface. However, that it has a body and remains for a long time once lying on the glass is always a plus, regardless of whether it is dark beer, lager or of any other type.

And how is this achieved? Basically, playing with the gases that make up those desired bubbles. Some basic notions of chemistry they can help us understand how they are formed. But also other data such as the reason why you should not drink beer with the Painted lips or the reason why Guiness cans they have a ball inside.

As we already know, the alcohol in beer is formed by the fermentation of the sugars of the cereal used. This process is carried out by yeast to obtain energy and not only generates ethanol, but also other products, such as carbon dioxide.