Packaging efficiency report for the Aussie craft brewer

Australian manufacturing software company OFS has released new data that shows how Australian craft brewers are faring in efficiency on the packing line, raising issues on the amount of time they spend not making beer. The data revealed:

  • Brewers fare well for speed and waste management (98.6% and 99.7%) but are only filling cans or bottles 54% of the time.
  • For every 1000 beers made, an average of 3 min 12 s are lost to unplanned downtime on the packing line.
  • The average brewer is unable to run their production line for more than 12 min without stopping.

The Craft Brewers Benchmark Report analysed the production of millions of litres of beer by breweries in an effort to determine a view of ‘what good looks like’. It includes key performance benchmark data and explains why knowing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can make a significant impact on a brewer’s bottom line. The data shows that while craft brewers fare well in terms of speed and waste reduction, the industry average for actual time producing across the production line was just over 50%.

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