EU crop monitor raises 2021 soft wheat, barley yield forecasts

The soft wheat yield in this year’s European Union harvest is expected to reach 5.91 tonnes per hectare (t/ha), up from 5.86 t/ha projected in April, the EU’s crop monitoring service said on Tuesday.

That would be 3.9% above the average EU soft wheat yield of the past five years, the MARS service said in a report.

MARS revised up its forecast of the 2021 EU total barley yield, including spring barley, to 4.89 t/ha from 4.86 t/ha expected in April. That was mainly due to a rise in the winter barley yield, now expected at 5.89 t/ha up compared with 5.83 t/ha last month.

The forecast EU rapeseed yield was raised to 3.21 t/ha from 3.19 t/ha in April.

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