More labelling mandates to be imposed on AU/NZ brewers

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is undertaking industry consultation as it proposes to introduce further mandatory labelling requirements onto alcohol products.

After the industry battled over pregnancy warning labelling last year, the focus has now turned on nutrition labelling.

These new rules will force brewers and other alcohol producers to include energy, carbohydrate and sugar content information on beer packaging. Alcohol products are currently exempt from having to provide nutrition information.

In recent months, FSANZ engaged with key industry stakeholders including the Independent Brewers Association, the Brewers Association, consisting of Lion, Carlton & United Breweries and Coopers, and the Brewers Guild of New Zealand. These industry organisations are currently making submissions.

“We expect to report to the FSANZ Board on this initial work in early June 2021, and subject to their consideration commence a second stage of work to explore regulatory and/or non-regulatory options for energy labelling of alcoholic beverages, and identify a preferred approach,” FSANZ said in a statement to Brews News.

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