10 of the Best Mexican-Style Lagers to Drink If You Love Corona (2021)

Mexican-style lager, or those beers made to replicate Mexican favorites like CoronaModeloPacíficoTecate, and more, is a difficult category to define. On one hand, there’s no official distinction between an American lager and a lager made with the same or similar ingredients, only with Mexican brewing history in mind. On the other hand, Mexican lagers are one of the most enjoyed beer styles by American drinkers. At last count, the top 10 best-selling beers in America saw Corona Extra and Modelo Especial at Nos. 5 and 6, respectively.

At their corn-flavored core, Mexican lagers are crisp, refreshing, and repeatable. In terms of ingredients, most feature flaked maize (corn), along with pilsner or Vienna malt; and German noble hops for a spiced, balancing bitterness. They’re made to drink cold, and quickly, often benefiting from a squeeze or two of lime to add a zesty edge. That leaves the main difference between these lagers and U.S.-brewed Mexican-style lagers: geography.

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