Creating A Data-Driven Culture For CX Excellence: ANZ Market Leaders Speak Up

It takes a data-led culture to meet escalating consumer demands for what we want, when we want it. Researchers and customer experience (CX) experts from two market leaders in ANZ recently shared how organizations can overcome challenges to meet customer hopes, wants, and needs in the face of unrelenting market disruption.  Here are excerpts from their conversation, which was part of a series of innovation broadcasts hosted by Pete Andrew, chief operating officer at SAP ANZ.

Like everything else in the post-pandemic market, a personalized, seamless customer experience begins with data and ends with relevant action. However, a global CX survey conducted by Harvard Business Publishing, showed significant gaps between organizational CX priorities and actual implementations.

For example, 99 percent of respondents agreed that delivering a high quality customer experience was important to business performance. Yet fewer than one-third of executives said their organizations were very effective in delivering a good customer experience. In another gap, most respondents believed CX plays a key role in business performance, while only two-thirds of organizations had a clear, coherent customer experience strategy understood across the company. The top obstacles to delivering solid CX included organizational silos, lack of data integration and data quality, and the inability to find meaningful data.

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