The Difference Between Johnnie Walker and Dewar’s, Explained

Johnnie Walker, perhaps the most recognizable name in blended Scotch whisky, consistently takes the top prize as the world’s best-selling Scotch. Owned by spirits conglomerate Diageo, the company sold over 18 million cases alone in 2019, according to The Spirits Business.

Dewar’s, another ubiquitous brand in the category, sold 3 million cases in the same year. A subsidiary of Bacardi, Dewar’s flagship White Label is consistently lauded as America’s favorite single bottle of Scotch. Its Double Double 32 Year Old won Whisky of the Year in 2020, adding credence to its claim as “The World’s Most Awarded Blended Scotch Whisky.”

While even casual drinkers will recognize Johnnie Walker’s iconic bottle and slightly off-kilter label (angled at a precise 24 degrees), or have seen one of Dewar’s distinctive television commercials, there’s much more to these two brands. Whether you’re a longtime Scotch drinker or just dipping your toes into the category, keep reading to learn how these two classics stack up.

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