One year on, what has been the impact of China’s tariff on barley?

The snapshot :

  • China slammed us with tariffs of 80.5 per cent on this day last year.
  • In my opinion, the anti-competitive dumping allegations are an overreach.
  • We saw big falls in the market due to the tariff. Prices were 17pc down in May, followed by a further 3pc in June.
  • Despite the large crop and the loss of China, barley pricing has been above the 50th percentile.
  • The reasonable pricing levels have been a result of overseas action.
  • Chinese demand for coarse grains has helped inflate Australian barley prices by proxy.
  • The spread between wheat and barley is large.
  • The positive of the barley tariff is that our markets are by necessity more diverse.
  • Unless China changes tact, or there is a win at the WTO, then we have another four years.

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