The rise and rise of dessert beers

The craft beer market in Australia is a crowded one. With more than 700 craft breweries in the country, getting the attention of a discerning drinker can be a challenge. Some of the more adventurous brewers have turned to dessert beers as a way to differentiate from the crowd.

“Dessert beers are an extension of what’s been happening in the beer world for the last decade,” says Luke Robertson, content manager and beer aficionado at the Independent Brewers’ Association (IBA).

“They provide brewers with new ways to experiment, and provide a point of difference to traditional beers.”

One craft brewery that has had success with its dessert beer range is Melbourne-based Tallboy & Moose. Co-founder and director Steve Germain, a native Canadian (hence the “moose”), says his brewery tends to veer away from having more than a handful of core beers in its range.

“Aside from our core lager and pale ale, we’re interested in new and interesting concepts,” says Germain. “Our business has a high turnover of product development and new concepts, and we have done a lot that is dessert inspired.”

Tallboy & Moose has a track record of dessert beers – a Nitro ‘Snot Block’, the questionable name Australians give to a vanilla slice, or its Baked and Confused cookie dough ale. Its current dessert-inspired offering is a Piñata Springs pina colada pastry hard seltzer.

Germain says that dessert-style offerings are popular with customers. “A lot of customers have a sweet tooth and desserts are fun,” he says.

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