Best opening start in a very long time

brown fields under cloudy sky

“A GOOD rainfall event like this gives us an opportunity to get some weeds up for a good knockdown and is also beneficial for our sheep.”

That was the view of Corrigin cropping and sheep farmer Steven Bolt after he recorded 36-48 millimetres across his farm by last Thursday morning.

This was boosted by a further 27mm later that day.

Mr Bolt said it was the best opening start he could remember witnessing in a “very long time.”

“Without going back through records, I did hear a comment from one of the Corrigin locals, who said this was the biggest single 24-hour rainfall event in May since the 1960s.

“For the past 20-odd years we have been putting the crop in on 5mm and 9mm rainfall events in May, so a good one like this is huge.

“For us where sheep are a big part of the business, it will allow us to get sheep feed away early with lambing just about complete.”

Mr Bolt manages a 50:50 sheep and cropping operation with about 1600 hectares of Frano seradella, lupins, oats, barley and wheat.

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