Diageo ‘working hard’ to ensure Irish pubs have plenty of Guinness for reopening

Following the recent announcement of the updated plans for reopening Ireland, the majority of restaurants and bars are already planning for June 7.

With outdoor services set to resume for groups limited to six people, the return of the hospitality sector is a massive boost for staff, patrons, and the public alike.

Last month, traditional pubs in Dublin marked 400 consecutive days of closure and while the majority of pubs in Ireland have remained closed, the taps haven’t been exactly dry in others.

Throughout the pandemic, the popularity of takeaway pints has seen some pubs take in a small level of income and as expected, this would require the kegs to be replenished.

While Diageo hasn’t exactly shut up shop since February 2020 – the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers do have markets beyond Ireland and even in terms of this country, they did keep supply steady when lockdown was lifted last December – the recent decision to purse an outdoor summer will see local demand for Guinness, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Bell’s etc increase.

Since the recent announcement was made about hospitality returning, the sight of kegs being unloaded in pubs and restaurants around Ireland has been more prevalent and in a statement made to the Irish Mirror, Diageo has said they’ve been busy keeping up with the increased demand for their drinks.

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