Heineken Is Converting Beer Waste Into Sustainable Energy

When bars in the UK closed last year due to the first lockdowns, millions of pounds worth of stock had to be tossed out. Still now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, most bars and restaurants remain closed. Estimations by the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) show that approximately 87 million pints of beer will have been discarded as a result.

To remedy this, the team at Heineken’s brewery in Manchester has found a way to convert excess beer into energy to prevent their stock from going to waste. The surplus stock that was destined for pubs around the country is recycled using new equipment. The beer is taken out of the kegs via reversing the mechanism that would typically fill them before storing it in empty vessels.

This beer is subsequently drip-fed into an onsite wastewater treatment plant, then placed into an anaerobic digester that converts the beer into biogas, which is captured to create renewable and sustainable energy. The combined heat and power unit, stored inside a shipping container, converts the biogas into electricity and heat.

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