Blue Moon unveils new campaign heralding the return of the on-premise — and the return of summer

The top-selling craft brand in the U.S. is out with a new marketing campaign promising that brighter days are ahead.  

With more Americans vaccinated and on-premise venues such as bars and restaurants opening in waves across the country, Blue Moon is seeking to remind drinkers of the joy of experiencing a draft beer at their favorite spot

The brand this week is launching three new 15-second video spots showcasing Blue Moon Belgian White poured into its specialty glassware and garnished with its signature orange in intimate bar settings where drinkers traditionally connect. The ads, two in English and one in Spanish, are slated to air on TV, streaming services and online throughout the spring.

“In addition to reminding people how delicious this one-of-a-kind beer is, we’re also spotlighting the fact that, for many Americans, they’re now or will soon be able to experience it in a bar for the first time in more than a year,” says Mara Schaefer, senior director of marketing for above-premium in the U.S.

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