BrewDog founders see ‘big gamble’ in global expansion plans—and they like it that way

If you live in a metropolitan area, you can expect a BrewDog bar serving locally brewed beer to come to you soon.

At least those are the ambitions of BrewDog’s cofounder James Watt. Heading the Scottish company with childhood best friend Martin Dickie, Watt is hoping the once-small beer brand can raise enough capital in one of the most hotly anticipated London IPOs to grow the company globally while still remaining local and sustainable.

Known for eclectic media stunts, beer handouts, and “antibusiness business model,” the brewery and bar chain owner and now hotelier worked through the pandemic to make the entire company carbon negative.

That means for every beer produced by BrewDog, the company double-offsets the carbon emissions made in production. “Every time someone has one of our beers, our planet gets less carbon,” Watt told Fortune in an interview.

Now that the beer is climate-anxiety free, Watt is eyeing more capital to keep up with the surging demand, expanding the firm’s distillation process, and broadening its global footprint.

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