Hop Products Australia reports total yield is down, but Galaxy grows for 11th straight year

Hop Products Australia (HPA) have completed their 2021 hop harvest. They picked 675 hectares that resulted in 1,526 metric tonnes of hops. This was a 44 hectare (6.9%) increase and a 25 metric tonne (1.6%) decrease year-on-year across six varieties (Eclipse, Ella, Enigma, Galaxy, Topaz and Vic Secret). Despite total yield coming in slightly under expectation, Galaxy yield grew 7.2% year-on-year. Managing Director Tim Lord was excited to share “this marks 11 years of continuous growth for Galaxy , with the exception of 2016 when HPA was hit with significant hail damage.”

Despite total yield coming in slightly under expectation, HPA’s commitment to responsible contracting will allow them to meet all obligations, with the exception of Ella, which came in 22% under contracted volumes. HPA will work closely with their brewing customers to minimize the impact of this outcome, including identifying suitable replacement hops from their international and advanced product portfolio. Topaz and Cascade were also down year-on-year, but this was due to reductions and idling of acreage. HPA also completed their pivot from alpha hops to almost exclusively proprietary flavor hops. This included grubbing all Super Pride acreage, which remained unplanted this season in preparation for deployment later in the year.

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