Beer Foam Properties – The Impact of Recipe on Stability Enhancement

The head of a beer, when served in a glass, forms a major part of how a consumer will visually assess the quality of the product. Other visual factors influencing customer perception of a beer are effervescence, colloidal stability or clarity, and colour. A consumer will judge the quality of beer foam based on a number of different categories including stability, size of bubbles, lacing and mouth feel. With the amount of head being present on beer served by the glass arguably diminishing in bars, as people desire less foam (and thereby receiving more beer and a greater value for money), it is becoming increasingly important that the foam has greater stability and longevity. Customers prefer a white, creamy head that consists of small bubbles, which clings to the glass as the beer is drunk. Foam is also important as it acts as a gas exchange layer where aroma molecules from the beer, such as hop derived compounds, are transferred to the air and subsequently detected by the drinker.

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