For Molson Coors, recycling carbon dioxide has environmental and financial benefits

Carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere is one of the main drivers of climate change – but it’s also a key ingredient in the brewing process.

As beer ferments, it releases CO2. But at many Molson Coors Beverage Company’s breweries, it’s not released into the atmosphere. Instead, the byproduct of fermentation is captured and reused later in the brewing process. Those tiny bubbles that tickle the tongue on a swig of Miller High Life? That’s CO2 harvested from what otherwise would be waste.

As corporations look to be more efficient, they often find they can do so by adopting more sustainable practices, including finding new uses for waste.

For Molson Coors, the CO2 collection process checks every box. By reusing the CO2 emitted during brewing, it reduces each brewery’s reduces its reliance on carbon sold on the open market, while achieving one of the company’s sustainability goals of reducing direct emissions by 50% by 2025.

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