Carlsberg Shows That D2C Is ‘Probably’​ The Right Strategy For 2021

Carlsberg has insisted for over 30 years that they ‘probably’ brew the best beer in the world, but in 2019 the Danish giant faced a crisis. Customers were turning away from lager generally, but especially Carlsberg. It was seen as a brand that focused on quantity, rather than quality.

How did the brand react?

They admitted that the customers were right. They reformulated a new Danish pilsner beer that absolutely focused on prioritizing quality over quantity of sales. They decided to launch the new high-quality beer with an advertising campaign featuring the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen – well known globally for his role on TV as Dr Hannibal Lecter and the James Bond villain Le Chiffre.

Mikkelsen literally drowns the creator of the earlier Carlsberg recipe and enjoying the new beer he says: ‘have we dealt with the person who created that earlier beer? Probably…’ The advert won a series of ‘best ad’ awards in 2019 for the sheer bravery of a beer brand admitting that customers no longer enjoyed their flagship product and asking customers to try the new recipe.

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