Bruichladdich Wants to Turn Your Whisky Green

Talking about terroirs, varietals and sustainable farming usually places you firmly in vinous territory – the wine world revolves around soil types and climates and which grapes can be planted where; indeed, which grapes are better than others (though let’s not open that can of worms – we don’t want to turn into Paul Giamatti in Sideways, after all). But have you ever considered what type of barley has gone into your whisky? Hell, can you even name any different kinds of barley? The Bruichladdich distillery on the Hebridean island of Islay would like you to, as part of a dogged commitment to sustainability that transcends voguish buzzwords and seeks to change what we know and understand about the whisky we drink, as well as decarbonising how they produce that whisky by 2025. Think of it like the natural wine movement, only with a kick.

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