Is Whisky Vegan, Kosher or Gluten-Free?

Whether for health, ethical or religious reasons: For many people, it is a matter of the heart to pay attention to the ingredients of the food they eat, or how it was produced. That’s why our customers often ask if Whisky is vegan, or gluten-free, or even kosher. Good question! Whisky contains only three ingredients: grain, water and yeastSingle Malt Whisky uses barleyBourbon uses corn, and Rye Whisky uses rye. Other grains, such as wheat, millet or oats, also serve as Whisky ingredients in some cases. Water is added, of course, to turn the grain into a liquid spirit, and yeast is needed to initiate fermentation. We want to know more: Is Whisky considered vegan, gluten-free or kosher? 

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