Brewing eggs: AB InBev venture arm to help Clara Foods scale up animal-free protein

This partnership is the first for ZX Ventures’ new BioBrew division, which will help precision fermentation companies make enough of their products to compete with those from traditional agriculture.

Clara Foods has been working for years to make animal-free egg whites through precision fermentation. And while the company been able to replicate the proteins, function and taste in the egg, CEO Arturo Elizondo has been running into another problem.

“When it comes to leveraging really deep tech, … you have to truly compete head to head with animal proteins at scale,” Elizondo said. “It’s not enough to have a really tasty product. It’s not enough to be able to make a product that can foam and leaven and bind just like an egg can if you cannot get this accessible to everyone. We knew that scale was going to be what truly unlocked the multibillion-dollar opportunity and [bring] the massive impact on the food industry.”

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