Global glass packaging market remains competitive

Glass is widely favored as packaging material based on its properties like recycling, reuse, and neutral quality. It protects and prevents the contamination of food and beverages for extended periods. Beer, for example, is kept in the dark glass bottles to prevent it from being spoiled.

Surveys suggest that the glass packaging market in the alcoholic beverage industry is facing intense competition from metal cans. However, glass is expected to maintain its share due to its use in premium products. Over the past few years, beer in glass bottle has witnessed tremendous growth among other alcoholic beverages. The beer sold in glass bottles drives the demand for increased production rates in the glass packaging industry. In addition, the increasing demand for premium variants in alcoholic drinks is driving the growth of glass packaging.

The use of glass in food, beverage, chemicals, and other products is common due to its neutral properties and its ability to form interactive designs to attract the end customers. Properties such as long-term preservation, recycling, and reuse are factors that drive the glass packaging market. Crucial aspects of glass packaging are innovative design and the use of modern technologies. On the other hand, factors limiting the global glass packaging market include high cost and flexible plastics to packaging alcoholic beverages and carbonated soft drinks.

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