At-home drinking’ gets closer to experience at restaurants and pubs in Japan

The prolonged coronavirus crisis is slowly but surely reframing the once-familiar habits of people getting together in bars and pubs, chatting and hobnobbing, quaffing precious glasses of beer.

Beermakers are also seeing more people distance themselves from drinking alcoholic beverages, compounding the forced contraction of the market caused by the pandemic. Breweries have been trying to navigate through this by exploring new ways to reach the market, even if that market is in the home. This is the first in a series to take a close look at the beer and similar beverage industry.

■ Virtual cherry blossom parties

A thousand people, all strangers, toasted each other via the internet in late March, nearly all raising cans of Asahi Super Dry, delivered directly from the factory. The online drinking party was organized by Asahi Breweries Ltd.

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