Prominent building at Diekirch brewery burns

By Sarah Cames and Emery P. Dalesio

Arson has not be ruled out after a fire early on Sunday gutted a decades-old stone building at the site of the brewery which produces Diekirch and Mousel beers. The blaze at the Brasserie de Luxembourg in Diekirch left a new beer production building that opened in 2019 undamaged, authorities said. The damaged building was intended to be preserved as the site is rehabilitated into a residential community that has been planned for a decade and in development since 2012.

The 900-square-meter hall was a tower of flames that could be seen for several kilometres by the time fire crews arrived after midnight. About 100 firefighters fought the blaze for about two hours.

“When you arrive for a mission and the flames are already so high, you know that there probably won’t be much left of the building,” said Cédric Gantzer of Corps Grand-Ducal Incendie & Secours, the country’s fire force.

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