Revealed: The amount of alcohol Irish people consume per year as Covid blamed for more home drinking

The average Irish person drinks the equivalent of 40 litres of vodka per year, new findings show. Research from The Health Research Board shows that Ireland now has the ninth highest alcohol consumption rate in the world – as the average person drinks the equivalent of 40 litres of vodka, 113 bottles of wine or 436 pints of beer in one year. The top health experts are concerned there has been a major shift to home drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic as pubs, bars and restaurants have been shut for most of the past year. It is also particularly worried about the impact on children of an increase in parental drinking. The Health Research Board’s 175-page study found that around one third of Irish children live with at least one parent who is either a binge drinker or alcohol dependent. It also found that nearly two thirds of 17-year-olds had been “really drunk”, with a slightly higher proportion being girls. And an average of three people died every day from alcohol in Ireland, with 70% of those under 65 years of age. Dr Deirdre Mongan, co-author of the report, said most Irish people are unaware that their drinking habits are harmful.

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