Hyliion CEO: Industry is going toward an ‘all EV direction’

Hyliion Founder & CEO Thomas Healy joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss companies like Wegmans and AB InBev testing the Hypertruck ERX and his outlook on the EV industry. ZACK GUZMAN: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. We’ve been covering a lot of these efforts to make transportation much more sustainable here. And those efforts are now hitting commercial trucks as well, not just through self-driving to try and relieve the drivers, but also the mechanics of the trucks themselves. We’ve been talking about electrification of trucks, but it’s not just that. And one company, Austin, Texas-based EV company Hyliion has been working on that. They recently announced the formation of a collaboration with trucking fleet leaders representing over 100,000 class eight commercial trucks globally. The likes of Wegmans, Ab InBev, and logistics giant Werner Enterprises weighing in on Hyliion’s technology to roll out their hybrid electric drive trains for trucks. And for more on that, I want to bring on the founder and CEO of Hyliion. Thomas Healy joins us once again here. And Thomas, good to have you back on. We were talking to you last time right when you guys completed your SPAC merger to publicly trade. And you made some progress here. The formation of this council seems interesting. Talk to me about what you’re trying to do with that to really learn from your customers what they’re looking for now.

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