Croatian craft brewery Lepi Dečki win best beer award in London

Međimurski Lepi Dečki Brewery from Čakovec in Međimurje has won three silver medals, a gold medal and the award for “Best Beer 2021 in Price / Quality” at the fourth edition of the London Beer Competition which was held last month. In order to win these medals, selected beers from the Međimurski Lepi Dečki Brewery had to meet three value criteria, that of quality, price and packaging. Međimurski Lepi Dečki Brewery took home four medals from the competition, one gold and three silver, as well as the title for the best beer for price and quality.  The Međimurje brewery won gold for its Hyperbola in the Russian Imperial Stout category, and silver for its Međimursko in the lager category, Čakovečko in the pilsner category and Regoč in the imperial IPA category. 

“We are extremely proud of this important award and recognition of our work. We take home four medals from London and the title of the best beer in the price and quality category,” said the owner of the Međimurski Lepi Dečki brewery, Danijel Radek. “We create the beer that the customer wants, that is attractive, high quality and enjoyed, and this has been recognised by the industry that has supported and rewarded our philosophy.”

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