COO Changing of the Guard – Jesse Theis Retirement & Appointment of Darren Smith

Jesse Theis, COO of Rahr Corporation, will be retiring this year from Rahr Corporation.  Jesse began his career with Rahr Malting Co on September 21, 1981.  He held a variety of positions in malting operations and continued to advance his career achieving the position of Vice President, Production, Engineering and Plant Maintenance in 1996.  Jesse was named Chief Operating Officer of Rahr Malting Co in 2010 and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Rahr Corporation in March of 2014.  Jesse’s strong understanding of agriculture and engineering allowed him to contribute to the growth and success of Rahr throughout his tenure. 

Jesse was responsible for numerous operating process improvements and product quality and engineering achievements across all of Rahr’s facilities in North America.  Some of his engineering successes include the innovative design of malthouse #6, a first in vertical malting operations, award winning renovation of Rahr’s corporate headquarters recognized by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design), and organization of Bushel Boy’s state of the art LED and hydroponics greenhouses in Owatonna, MN and Mason City, IA.  Jesse’s focus on product quality and customer service established Rahr as a world leader in the malted barley industry. 

There are many who say Jesse Theis is the “best maltster in the world”, and certainly those professional contributions will be sorely missed.  But more than his professional contributions are his personal ones; Jesse has been a friend, mentor, and confidant to many of us, and his example of loyalty, work ethic, and care have been a cornerstone of building Rahr’s strong culture.

We sincerely thank him for the role he has played in Rahr’s success!

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