This Brewery Introduced A Beer Inspired By MS Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot

MS Dhoni’s trademark helicopter shot and jersey number 7 has inspired this latest brewery with its latest launch. Known as the 7Ink Brews, the brand has launched a range of new beers and artisanal chocolates called COPTER 7. Inspired by their brand ambassador Dhoni’s signature helicopter shot, the striking packaging and labelling is another noteworthy feature, inspired by the cricketer’s different jerseys and their colours. He is also the shareholder in the 7Ink Brews’ start-up which makes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Based in Mumbai, the company is founded by Mohit Bhagchandani and co-founded by Adil Mistry and Kunal Patel. They also have also introduced a range of chocolates inspired by the same. The Copter 7 comes in two options: Copter 7 Premium Lager and Copter 7 Premium Lager.For the line of artisanal chocolates, 7Ink Brews has teamed up with chocolatier and chef, David Belo of Mysore-based craft chocolate brand Naviluna. Using sustainably- grown cacao sourced from Southern India, these bean-to-bar chocolates are all-organic, vegan and GMO-free, allowing you to appreciate the qualities of the Indian cacao bean in its full glory. They also offer bespoke flavours using local ingredients, such as Mosambi Zest, Strawberry and Coffee, mint, as well as mulberry.

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