Budweiser vying to become an official state produc

OGDEN – Budweiser Beer wants to be Utah’s official King of Beer. In a state founded by a people who consider imbibing alcohol a moral issue, it might seem like unwanted attention, but that’s not the way Anheuser-Busch Companies sees it. The company headquartered in St Louis, MO is pushing to make their Budweiser the official libation of Utah. The Budweiser distributer for Cache Valley is Wasatch Distributor located in Ogden. A limited-edition Budweiser special Utah beer will be distributed across the state this week. Utah will become the first state in the U.S. to have its own Budweiser bottle message. “This Bud is for U-tah” is printed on the label on packaging of the brew. The label also has a boat with a fisherman on a lake, the Utah State Capital and Utah’s own Delicate Arch among other state symbols. “The Bottles will available across Utah,” said Mike Siegal, the managing owner of Wasatch Distributing that delivers the beer to Cache Valley. “The beer will be available anywhere 12 pack bottles are sold.” The distributer has a semi-trailer load awaiting to be unloaded. The campaign which was supposed to run from April 5 – May 7 exclusively for the state of Utah will be in stores this week.

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