Helen Harris: The crops have emerged from winter in better condition than 2020 as the products do their job

Our crops came out of the winter in relatively good shape. There were plenty of wet patches that looked bald, but the crops in general, did a lot better than last winter, when we had to replant half of them. We need the air temperature to get above 12C to get the crops to grow and we are not getting that consistently on a weekly basis yet.Oil Seed Rap The variety is Expectation, and it was quite thin with a 0.5 GAI (green area index). After a couple of days of good sunshine, the reaction of the oil seed rape was quite dramatic, you could almost see it growing. In the space of a week, it went from flat on the ground, to a couple of feet high and having tiny yellow flowers. It had received Katamaran Turbo and Falcon as its pre-emergence spray in the Autumn.

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