BrewDog announces plans for a ‘beer hotel’ in Edinburgh

Decorative picture showing a room hotel.

Craft beer chain BrewDog has said it will move to open a “beer hotel & bar” in Edinburgh in the third quarter.  The boutique hotel will be in a former schoolhouse near the city council headquarters on Market Street. BrewDog founder James Watt said: “Expect beer on tap in all the rooms, mini-bars filled with the best beers in the planet & fridges in the shower for shower beers.” The brand has been in the hotels business since 2018, when it opened The DogHouse — what it calls the “world’s first craft beer hotel.” BrewDog says the hotel offers “the ultimate immersive experience for beer geeks around the planet.” It also plans to open another unit in Manchester in the summertime. Edinburgh will be the company’s fifth offering in the hotel business, following two in Columbus, Ohio and one in Aberdeen. 


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