The World’s First Craft Beer Vending Machine Is A $10,000 Office Essential

Decorative picture representing a craft beer vending machine.

Craft Cartel Liquor is bringing Australia a world’s first customisable craft beer vending machine subscription service. That sentence alone is enough to spark joy for anyone carving out a man cave or any particularly loose office, especially because there’s only going to be four of these beer subscriptions floating around. It’ll just cost you $10,000 per year. Not content on just stocking 99-can slabs, Craft Cartel Liquor launched this ambitious option as part of a new series of membership offerings. The craft beer vending machine subscription obviously represents their most expensive option, but there’s also a range of new options like 8-beer ‘The Hit Man’ from $59 per month, or the $99 per month ‘The Wise Guys’, which is Craft Cartel’s first personalised Beer Club membership.

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