Driving product innovation: How Vivriti Capital has created an alternative asset class to facilitate access to finance backed by agri commodities

Financing for stakeholders in the commodities sector has been fraught with challenges, making it difficult for market participants to secure timely access to financing and hindering their procurement and distribution requirements. Some of these challenges for investors include a perceived risk of adverse price volatility, the ability to control or monitor the physical commodity and liquidation of commodities, among others. These, coupled with a lack of capital market products in the space has kept this relatively underpenetrated with only banks and some NBFCs historically engaging in commodity financing. Sensing an opportunity to address this gap, and with a strong track record of making deal structuring and its execution for complex products a fast and efficient experience, Vivriti Capital has structured India’s first securitisation transaction backed by Negotiable Warehouse Receipts (NWR) assigned by Origo Commodities India Private Limited (OCIPL).

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