Customer Engagement During The Pandemic: Lessons Learned In AI And Analytics

When it comes to understanding customer sentiment and needs, AI and analytics can be indispensable. They’re akin to the navigation system of an automobile. They can guide you to the best and shortest route to your desired destination — and that’s loyal customers. In the post-pandemic era, AI and analytics are common areas of investment. In its quarterly pulse survey of 150 executives in October 2020, consulting firm West Monroe found that data and analytics platforms were the most common technology adopted; 57% of respondents had tried the technology in the past six months, while another 21% reported trying artificial intelligence and machine learning in the same time period. A September 2020 Gartner poll found that 24% of organizations surveyed had increased their artificial intelligence investments since the pandemic began. Challenges also arose from the move to the remote workplace, as well as budget freezes and cuts.  If there was ever a time when organizations needed AI and analytics to pull their weight, it was 2020. But did they use them? My company, which offers a customer engagement platform that utilizes AI and analytics, conducted a survey of nearly 2,300 business leaders worldwide to find out. 


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