Aussie oats fight for right to wear gluten-free label

A PUSH is on to get oats grown and handled in Australia under special conditions labelled as gluten free. Driving it is GK Gluten Free Foods managing director, Kylie Martin, who says food-labelling laws in Australia and New Zealand are out of whack with those in the rest of the world. This anomaly locks out Australian farmers wishing to supply the niche domestic and potential export markets, and leaves businesses like GK Gluten Free Foods with no choice but to import product to satisfy growing Australian demand. Ms Martin is hopeful the findings of a study now being conducted at Monash University and funded by Coeliac Australia will allow oats that are uncontaminated from gluten to wear the gluten-free label. in line with the rest of the world. GK Gluten Free Foods is working with the small business ombudsman to revisit the tough labelling laws, and help lobby Food Standards Australia & NZ to bring them into line with jurisdictions like the European Union and the United States. “This which will greatly assist the confusion for customers here in Australia and New Zealand around the way GF Oats is currently labelled.

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