Molson Coors Launches Coors Pure Organic Beer

CHICAGO – Today on National Beer Day, Molson Coors launches its first USDA-certified organic beer, Coors Pure available nationwide. To celebrate, Coors Pure is calling on runners and beer lovers across the country to participate in a (literal) beer run. The beer run is simple – run in the shape of a Coors Pure can and you will have a chance to receive a free** 12-pack of Coors Pure. Additionally, if you live in NYC – we’re setting professional runners loose in one of the most popular running destinations in the world, Central Park, wearing giant QR codes. If the everyday person can catch up close enough to scan the QR code, we’ll congratulate their efforts with a rebate for a free* 12-pack of Coors Pure. Coors Pure is a USDA-certified organic light beer made with simple, quality ingredients for the pure Rocky Mountain refreshment and exceptionally crisp taste you’d expect from Coors.The beer is refreshingly simple: a light lager with a subtle malt sweetness along with low bitterness and a slight citrus hop notes. With only 92 calories and zero sugar, Coors Pure tastes light and effervescent, and ends with a clean feel and minimal aftertaste.

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