Let’s drink to innovative spirit: searching for an alcohol alternative

Take a sip of red wine before bed while reading a book, grab a casual cocktail after work for some relaxation, or go all-in for a sensational experience of alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) delights, the beverage industry is a fast-changing world boasting infinite possibilities. This week, leading experts in the beverage industry share with us the latest trends and developments.

Non-alcoholic booze has ranked a top food and beverage trend over the past year as the public grows more aware of alcohol’s effect on health, but drinking alcohol is not just a beverage option, it’s also part of the social culture, like toasting at celebrations. For people who aren’t able to consume alcohol or can’t do so for health reasons, alcohol-free wines and spirits are an option. The alternative option is not about mocktails — the soda, juice and syrup creations that don’t look or taste like real alcoholic drinks, but colorful juices that aren’t creative or exciting. Ruslan Kaptsan, beverage manager at the Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai, borrowed the concept of plant-based protein/vegan meat to interpret a non-alcoholic “alcohol.”

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